Lowongan Bank BNI – Seluruh Indonesia.

Lowongan Bank BNI

Lowongan Bank BNI | Established since 1946, formerly known as the BNI Bank Negara Indonesia, was the first bank formed and owned by the Government of Indonesia. Bank Negara Indonesia began to circulate first official means of payment issued by the Government of Indonesia, the ORI or Oeang Republic of Indonesia, on the eve of October 30, 1946, just a few months since its formation. Until now, this day is commemorated as the Day of National Treasury, while the day of its establishment which falls on July 5, defined as the Day of National Bank.

Following the appointment of De Javsche Bank which is inherited from the Dutch Government as the Central Bank in 1949, the Government limit the role of Bank Negara Indonesia as a circulation bank or central bank. Bank Negara Indonesia and designated as a development bank, and then given the right to act as a foreign exchange bank, with direct access to foreign transactions.

In connection with the capital increase in 1955, the status of Bank Negara Indonesia converted into government-owned commercial banks. These changes underlie better service and a lever for the national business sector.

In line with the decision of its year of establishment as part of corporate identity, name of Bank Negara Indonesia 1946 from late 1968. This change makes the Bank Negara Indonesia is better known as ‘BNI 46′. The use of nicknames that are easier to remember – ‘Bank BNI’ – set along with the change of corporate identity in 1988.

In 1992, BNI’s legal status and name changed to PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), while the decision to become a public company realized through an IPO in the stock market in 1996.

BNI’s ability to adapt to changes and advances in environmental, socio-cultural and technological corporate identity is reflected through the continuous refinement from time to time. It’s dedication and commitment to the improvement of its performance BNI continuously.

In 2004, an updated corporate identity began to be used to describe the prospects for a better future, after the success navigate the difficult times. The term ‘Bank BNI’ shortened to ‘BNI’, while the year of establishment – ’46 ‘- used in the company’s logo to reinforce national pride as the bank’s first-born in the era of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

Depart from the spirit of struggle that is rooted in its history, BNI is committed to providing excellent service to the country, and always be the pride of the country.

The position that we need are:

Field Collector

Education min. SMU / SMK in all directions.
Maximum age 35 years.
Having experience min. 1 (one) year as Field Collector in the field of credit cards, consumer goods, and others.
Has the ability to communicate persuasively and well.
Having a motorcycle and SIM C.


Permanent Basic Salary
Eating Allowance
Transport Allowance
Health Allowance

New employee will be placed on : Jakarta, Manado, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Denpasar, Medan, Balikpapan, Makassar, Palembang, Pekanbaru.

Interested candidates please send your application online at the link below not later than September 06, 2011. Only shortlist candidates will be contacted.

Apply now


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