Dapat Undian Nih……, Benarkah………?????

Saya mendapat Email sperti dibawah, dan sering sekalikarena saya tak penah tanggapi emai tsb.

Belakangan saya dapat lagi, saya ragu dan tidak percaya mengenai hal tersebut.

Benarkah Undian itu adanya, mungkin ada yang pernah mengalami dan benar tolong share dari rekan-rekan semua.

Jika benar harus bagaimana saya menyikapinya

Please to Share information….!!!!!!!!!!

Trisno SE of bogor, your name
appears on the list 3 times.
Trisno SE
bogor, Indonesia ( Jawa Barat), 16153
Trisno, PCC, a division of PNI, has awarded over seventy-nine million in US dollars to hundreds of thousands of fortunate recipients in 41 countries.
PNI, a sponsor of online sweepstakes, gives away awards of amounts up to ten million US dollars daily. Trisno SE OF bogor, review the official listing below to see if you are eligible to receive a check.
Eligibility Requirement: Complete the Payment Directive Form on the following page. Upon submission of a winning entry in accordance with the rules of FreeLotto, it assures you that using the convenient F.A.S.T. service or the free online entry, Trisno {LASNTAME} and only Trisno SE will be paid $1 Million dollars in the Classic FreeLotto Game or any other cash that you shall be entitled to. Note that untimely response may result in forfeiture.
SE OF bogor, Indonesia ( Jawa Barat)
SE OF bogor, Indonesia ( Jawa Barat)
SE OF bogor, Indonesia ( Jawa Barat)

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